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I will be sharing fun auto-related information here. From cars to car loans and everything between. If you are reading this you are either on my email list and received the email I sent out, or you stumbled across this randomly. Either way, welcome! If you are part of our Oklahoma City car group and are still looking for a used auto loan OKC, then show up to one of our Thursday night rallies and we will get you connected with a lender.


• NAPA Auto in Atlanta has some tips to help drivers understand their dashboards.

• J-Mac talks about the most common car heater problems. With winter approaching, this should be a good read for anyone living in a state that gets cold.

• D & J used cars and boats. This is a good reference site to get a feel for pricing. Or if you live in NC, use the contact form and give them a shout.

• The rules on claiming capital allowance on cars.

• Ageas introduces car scheme with car salary exchange.

• Japanese want “men only train car” – Those of us that rather commute on city transit know the pains of overcrowded subways and bus stations. But a transit system exclusive to men seems a little 1800’s to me.